Начало ММА Кракена си тръгна от UFC

Кракена си тръгна от UFC

Кракена си тръгна от UFC

Хуан Адамс стана поредният боец, отпаднал от ростъра на UFC в последно време.

28-годишният състезател в тежка категория обяви в социалните медии, че се разделя с веригата след загубата с нокаут в първия рунд от Джъстин Тафа на UFC 247.

„Говорих с мениджъра си и вече не съм част от UFC. Колкото и да е лесно да се предам, ще продължа напред. Направих прекалено късно някои промени и сега си плащам за това, но поне вече всички парчета са си на правилните места. Ще продължа да се надявам и да работя, за да продължа напред по най-добрия начин“, написа „Кракена“ в Twitter.

Адамс (5-3) подписа с UFC след като нокаутира Шон Тийд в претендентските серии на Дейна Уайт през 2018 г., а в първия си двубой във веригата се справи с Крис де ла Роча 5 месеца по-късно. В последните си три двубоя „Кракена“ обаче загуби от Арян Булар, Грег Харди и Тафа, което му коства мястото в UFC.

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Thank you, everyone, for the support I received leading up to and following my last fight. I made a lot of changes in my life over a very short period of time to give myself the best chance for last Saturday’s fight. With everything aligned for a great outcome, the ending wasn’t what we planned for. The disappointment stings, highlighted by the fact that I feel like I let a lot of people down, myself included. There's still a lot left in me. So wherever the next chance may appear, I am already prepared to do more and be a better version of the fighter I already am. In the meantime, I express sincere gratitude to everyone who has been in my physical and metaphorical corner. As a result and before Saturday’s fight in Houston, I had a very unique and emotional moment. For the first time in a long while, as I was doing my final preparations for a fight, I had no turmoil surrounding me or my team. Everyone was on the same page — my coaches, my trainers, me, and my closest people — we were all focused on the same thing, which made me truly happy. Look at the tape of me entering the ring and you’ll see how happy I was. I couldn’t stop smiling. My preparation was top-notch, as I received the type of support every MMA fighter dreams of receiving as they prepare for a fight. While I fully trust my @jacksonwink_mma team, my coaches, and my partners, I simply failed to execute on Saturday night, and that’s entirely on me — I own it. As this journey continues, I have it within me to learn, improve, and grow as a professional MMA fighter. Finally… thank you to the @ufc staff for their participation in my journey. Each fight I’ve grown a little closer to each of you, and each experience with you has been truly remarkable. Thank you to everyone at the UFC for making me feel like the main event, no matter where I am on the card. . . . . #ufc247 #mma #ufc #ufcstaff #chosenjuan285 #jacksonwink #ufctraining

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